Barnes & Noble Putting The ‘Final Touches’ On Its Next Big E-reader


[credit provider=”Steve Kovach, Business Insider”]

The New York Times has a lengthy profile on Barnes & Noble and its struggle coping with the recent decline of brick and mortar bookstores.Right now, Barnes & Noble is the only big chain left standing, partly thanks to its heavy push in e-readers and tablets. (It’s still losing money though.)

One nugget from the story did stand out to us. The Times reporter got to visit Barnes & Noble’s Silicon Valley labs and saw a prototype of the company’s next e-reader:

Barnes & Noble is trying to strike at Amazon with another device. At its labs in Silicon Valley last week, engineers were putting final touches on their fifth e-reading device, a product that executives said would be released sometime this spring.

Unfortunately, that’s all the details we got from the Times. It’s unclear whether or not Barnes & Noble is planning to launch another tablet or a new black and white e-ink reader. Barnes & Noble released the Nook Simple Touch in spring 2011, so it’s likely this new model will be an update to that.

Although, there’s always a chance it’s working on a 10-inch version of the Nook Tablet to combat the 10-inch Kindle Fire Amazon is rumoured to be working on.