Australian voters are big fans of the bonk ban

William West/ AFP/ Getty ImagesAustralia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce (R) looks at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (L).

Australians overwhelmingly support banning sex between politicians and their staff, according to a poll published today.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to introduce a new clause to the ministerial code of conduct that makes sex between ministers and staff a sackable offence has widespread community support, with 64 per cent of voters in favour of it.

Turnbull announced the so-called “bonk ban” last Thursday in response to the revelations about Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’s relationship with a former adviser, Vikki Campion, who is expecting Joyce’s child in April.

A Newspoll published in The Australian says Labor voters are most in favour of a ban on sex between politicians and their staff, with 72 per cent supportive.

The Newspoll asked voters if they supported or opposed Australia following the lead of the US, where Congress has just imposed a ban on politicians having sexual relations with employees.

Labor has expressed reservations about keeping the so-called “bonk ban” in place in the ministerial code of conduct were it to win government.

You can see the full results of the poll at The Australian >>

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