Startup Bark & Co. Hosted The Most Adorable Puppy Adoption Event [PHOTOS]

Startup Bark & Co. hosted a puppy adoption event last weekend in the hip New York neighbourhood of SoHo. 

It rounded up 40 pups from shelters mostly throughout Alabama, where over 100,000 animals are killed in shelters every year.

By the end of the weekend, every pup found a home. 

BarkBox hosted the Pup Up Shop in the SoHo neighbourhood of New York City.

It was the startup's spin on an adoption event.

Throughout the weekend, people couldn't help but stop to peer inside the puppy adoption event.

And many of them flocked right on in.

BarkBox worked with the Rescue Paw Foundation and Foster Dogs NYC to 'source' the dogs from rescues and shelters.

Most of these pups came from Alabama, where over 100,000 animals are killed in shelters every year.

Veterinarians were on hand to teach new pet owners how to care for and train their new pup.

They even had puppy matchmakers to help pair people with the perfect pup.

Each one cost $500 to adopt.

All the proceeds went back to the rescue centres and shelters. It also helped cover the vet check-ups, transportation, and vaccinations each pup received.

The $500 fee also came with six months of free vet services via BarkCare and three months worth of BarkBoxes.

BarkBox is a monthly box of dog goodies delivered to your door.

BarkCare is the company's 24/7 virtual veterinary service for your pet.

BarkBox tells us there's a stigma around adopting dogs from shelters and foster homes.

And simply too many dogs get euthanized.

That's why BarkBox hosted its event inside a fun, bright space in the hip neighbourhood of SoHo.

The idea was to attract swing adopters.

Those are the people who wouldn't normally go to a pet adoption event, but could be swayed.

And it worked.

But why only puppies?

Well, they did sneak a few adult dogs into the event. But there are a ton of puppies they need homes in the summer months.

By the end of the weekend, all 40 puppies found a home.

Bark & Co hopes to do more events like this in the future.

That way pups everywhere can have a better shot at finding a home.

But not all dogs are equally adorable.

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