Scope Out The Male-To-Female Ratio At Bars From Your Smartphone

You’ve had a hard day at work and need to get out of the house, have a few drinks, but you don’t want to go just anywhere—you want the right crowd and the right bar. For those nights, barhopping just isn’t the answer, it’s SceneTap.

It’s a new free mobile application coming soon for Android and iPhone devices that promises to tell you what you really want to know about your favourite bars, like how many people are there right now, what’s the male-to-female ratio and what’s the average age group. No longer will you have to leave a pub as soon as you get there, so no more barhopping! Simply get a snapshot of what’s going on at your favourite venues in real time via SceneTap.

Straight from the horse’s mouth: “This snapshot includes nightly specials and exclusive SceneTap deals, along with demographic information, social commentary, and other comprehensive features that will help people decide where they would like to go.”

The Chicago-based startup behind SceneTap will be launching locally first in July, with plans to go nationwide in the following months. At first, it would appear the app works alongside ID scanners that bouncers use, keeping count of how many people enter the establishment, along with the age and sex listed on the licence. But that’s not the case. To avoid privacy issues and liability risks, they’ve installed an “entire infrastructure of cameras” in each of the participating venues. These cameras use facial detection software and “people-counting” technologies to anonymously collect the data.

Here’s some more information about how the app will work when launched:

  • Open SceneTap to see featured bars, deals, and specials in your area.
  • Locate nearby bars in map view or list view and receive immediate information.
  • Or, search more specific criteria: by number of people at the bar, age range of patrons, gender ratio, “type of scene,” distance, and more.
  • Browse specials, real-time SceneTap deals, and what people are saying on the bar’s page.
  • Access additional bar information (including its website) so you know it’s the right spot for you.
  • Map out your trip to the bar from your current location, or even just check out the street view.
  • Socialize your interactions with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other services so you don’t have to leave the app.

They’ve already partnered with 50 bars in the Chicago area and are working on preparing networks in New York, Boston, DC, Miami, Austin, Columbus, St. Louis, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, and tons of the other popular college towns. So, be on the lookout for SceneTap in the next coming months. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.

Photo by RageZ

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