Barclays Is Now The Most Hated Bank In Brooklyn

barclays stadium

Stadium deals can be great PR for a bank — see the Wachovia centre and Bank of America Stadium — but they can be a disaster too — see Citi Field.

Barclay’s chief Bob Diamond (far right) joined Jay-Z, Paterson, and Bloomberg in breaking ground for the extremely controversial Atlantic Yards project yesterday.

Barclays paid a reported $400 million for naming rights to the New Jersey Nets stadium in Brooklyn. The UK bank has been rumoured to be making a move on retail banking in the U.S.

But not only did they put their name behind the worst team in NBA history, they also signed on to the most-hated development project of all time. At least in Brooklyn.

Beyond police escorts, the shovel party was surrounded by a crowd of angry protesters. Brooklynites don’t want to pay for the new stadium, deal with traffic, or let local buildings be torn down, according to The Brooklyn Paper.

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Bob Diamond was awed by his new partner, Nets co-owner Jay-Z

Beyonce was there too!

But on the streets of Brooklyn they were angry

Protesters condemned Eliot Spitzer and developer Bruce Ratner

They called the stadium an affront to Brooklyn

A serious blow to Barclay's New York cred... and to Jay-Z's

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