Barclays Is Cutting 3,700 Jobs In A Complete Bank Overhaul



Barclays Chief Executive Antony Jenkins says the firm is to cut 3,700 jobs across the business, claiming the strategic review is focused on its long-term prosperity.Follow our live blog on the Barclays job cuts

Barclays has announced 3,700 job losses and £1.7bn cost cuts as part of Project Transform, a radical bid to restore the bank’s tattered reputation.

In a Strategic Review, the bank says the changes will be an attempt to make a clean break with the past. The review says: “The behaviours which made headlines during the year stemmed from a period of 20 years in banking in which the sector became too aggressive, too focused on the short-term, and too disconnected from the needs of customers and clients, and wider society.”

It adds: “Barclays is changing.”

Barclays Chief Executive Antony Jenkins said that “Barclays had got things wrong in the past” and that the changes were “to create shareholder value.”

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