A Visit To The New Basketball Arena Rising Up In Brooklyn [PHOTOS]

barclays centre frame

Photo: Dashiell Bennett/Business Insider

The New Jersey Nets will not be in New Jersey for long.That’s because starting in 2012, they will take up residence in the brand new Barclays centre, the basketball arena currently under construction in Brooklyn, New York.

The Nets invited us out to Atlantic Avenue to take a look at the progress of the site that will house Brooklyn’s first major pro sports team since the Dodgers left in 1957.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but the new building is rising quickly and starting to take shape.

The arena is built on top of the Atlantic Terminal, where 9 subway trains and the Long Island Rail Road converge.

Games will be convenient for commuters and fans, who enter into this glass atrium (for now.)

An old subway entrance is parked right across from the stadium.

Step outside and get your first look at the arena. The steel is rising fast.

Atlantic Terminal includes this shopping mall, directly across the street from the arena.

The arena sits at the intersection of Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenue, two of the most heavily trafficked roads in Brooklyn. (That's the old Williamsburg Bank Tower in the back.)

Another look at the intersection.

Traffic is definitely a concern here. The fact that the building sits on top of a transit hub is both a blessing and a curse for travellers.

A view of the arena from across the intersection.

A dump truck leaves the site. Excavation has been completed, but there's still plenty of dirt to haul away.

Yankee and Met jerseys hang in the Modell's Sporting Goods store across the street. Soon to be replaced by basketball jerseys?

Walking up Flatbush Ave. to get a closer look. They've managed to keep the street (mostly) open while construction goes on.

More trucks head in and out of the yard.

Another sporting goods store will be a neighbour.

New Net Deron Williams oversees his (hopefully) new home.

At the entrance to the construction site. Safety first!

Equipment and trucks get washed down before they leave the site. There's a lot of dirt in there.

Trucks and a hydraulic lift are on standby

Looking down to where the floor will be. Excavators and trucks continue to haul out dirt.

More girders rise to the sky. The steel work is about 35% finished.

A construction workers saws some metal.

Looking down what will eventually be the main concourse. Season tickets are already on sale, a year ahead of opening.

Another look at the pit. The centres is planning on 200 events a year, including hockey, college hoops, and monthly boxing events.

Dozens of these concrete pillars had to be poured and then reburied to provide the support for the building.

Workers on the upper levels.

Looking back up to where the seats will be.

Another crane at work

There are about a dozen cranes of various size and function around the site.

The finished arena will hold 18,000 seats for basketball, a little more for concerts and other events.

DON'T climb this ladder.

A look toward the other end of the arena. Foundations wall are nearly finished, then the rest of the steel can be erected.

Much of the arena will be below street level.

The Barclays centre is slated to open in September 2012, just three weeks before the NBA season begins.

An excavator at work

Workers lower concrete slabs – that are formed off-site and shipped to Brooklyn – into place to form the seating area.

Workers make more adjustments to the structure on the upper level.

The lower bowl takes shape

Someday, this will be the view from the main entrance. Glass doors will open unto an expansive view of the arena.

Looking back out the front door, toward Atlantic and Flatbush. A practice gym will sit down below that floor and be visible through glass.

These girders form the overhang that will sit above the main entryway

More equipment sits ready to activate

One final look at the pit before we go. We hope to come back in a few months and check on the progress.

Another look down Flatbush Avenue to the rising arena.

This is what the finished product will look like:

And here's some more renderings of what will be inside:

Barclays isn't the only bank that love arenas....

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