Brooklyn's Barclays Center might have the worst seat in American professional sports

On Friday, the New York Islanders played their first regular season game at the Barclays Center, their new home in Brooklyn. The Barclays Center Fact Sheet boasts it has “one of the most intimate seating configurations ever designed into a modern multipurpose sports arena with unparalleled sight lines.”

Undoubtedly, fans were excited to check out the Islanders’ new arena, but some were left disappointed upon arriving at their seats. Those who were seated in sections 201-204 and 228-231, discovered they couldn’t see the goal that was directly below them. 

Obstructed ViewJonathan Garber/Business InsiderThe view from section 201.

While the Islanders tell fans they are purchasing seats with a “limited view,” they don’t show them what the view actually looks like. Depending on the game, a ticket in these sections costs anywhere from $US21.85 to $US175.40, including taxes and fees.

Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, is also known to have some terrible seats. At least the Cubs have an excuse as Wrigley Field was built in 1914.


Business Insider reached out to the New York Islanders for comment, and will update once a response is received.  

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