Barclay’s Banker Blames ‘Toxic’ Workplace For Why He Helped Fraudsters Steal From 75 Year Old Man’s Pension Fund

toxic spill

A Barclay’s Bank manager charged with helping fraudsters steal more than £826,000 from a retirement fund belonging to 75-year-old man blamed the bank’s “toxic” work environment, according to a report citing a court hearing.

The former bank manager, Mohammed Ahmed, 26, said he did it to punish his employers for forcing him to work in a “toxic” environment.

The judge in the case acknowledged his “toxic” environment excuse, but that didn’t stop him from sentencing Ahmed to three years in jail.

From the Hornsey Journal:

Judge Roger Chapple accepted that Ahmed had been working in a “toxic” environment at the bank, with staff put under pressure to reach unrealistic targets.

But jailing him for three years on Thursday the judge added: “It was because you were prepared to use your inside knowledge of the banking procedures and the weaknesses you knew were in this system that this fraud succeeded.”

The details of the “toxic” work environment are unclear.