BARCLAYS: These 25 Stocks Are Ready To Bounce Back From The Sell-Off

Barclays thinks that investors have overblown the damage done to the eurozone’s economy and that several sectors are ripe for a rebound.

On Friday, the bank named 25 European companies that are ripe for a resurgence if the outlook for Europe improves:

“We believe that European equity markets are discounting an outlook for the economy that is more pessimistic than warranted.

The European equity risk premium is now near the highs seen during the sovereign debt crisis and the financial crisis. Relative to credit markets too, European stocks are now more cheaply priced than any time in the last decade. Both measures suggest that equity investors are pricing in an adverse economic outcome in the euro area.”

The bank has offered up a list of “fallen angels”: 25 European stocks it argues have been “unfairly punished” during the last month’s volatility and sell-off.

In particular, economists looked at companies that have declined in price since Sept. 19, 2014, — some by more than 10% — but which have also boosted their earnings forecast since then.

Here’s the full list:

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