Barbie’s New Eco-Friendly Dream Home Could Sell For $3.5 Million*

Barbie‘s notoriously extravagant lifestyle doesn’t exactly make her the spokeswoman for Greenpeace. But a new eco-friendly mansion (well this kind of sounds like an oxymoron) could turn the tide for one of America’s most iconic conspicuous consumers.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) teamed up with Mattel to hold a design competition for a dream house for the leggy doll in conjunction with the release of Architect Barbie, which hits stores August 15. 

A panel of judges announced five finalists in May and left the final vote up to the public. The winning digs were designed by Ting Li and Maja Paklar, two recent Harvard architect grads.  

What can Barbie expect from her new three-acre sustainable Malibu estate? Solar panels, low-flow toilet and sink fixtures, energy-saving light bulbs, operable shading devices, Bamboo flooring, and a rooftop green house and irrigation system (for Barbie’s love of nature).

Barbie's Dream Home

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Barbie will also tool around town in a Pink Vespa instead of an inefficient convertible to cut down on her CO2 emissions. And apparently she also owns a giraffe, from the looks of the renderings.

“The intent of the partnership with Mattel to promote the launch of Architect Barbie was to engage and inspire young girls to experience the world of architecture and the range of possibilities that design thinking offers,” said AIA President, Clark Manus, FAIA (via The Huffington Post).

Unfortunately, Mattel has no intention of turning Li and Paklar’s vision of pink into either a dollhouse or a real mansion — the house would sell for around $3.5 million if a life-sized version were built — but will instead make a $1,000 donation in the designers’ names to the Charter High School for Architecture and Design in Philadelphia. 


[credit provider=”© Ting Li, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP and Maja Paklar, Assoc. AIA “]

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