A hotel in Mexico is offering a Barbie-inspired room that will make you feel like a kid again

© 2019 HiltonThe Barbie Suite is open until December 2019.
  • The Hilton Mexico City Santa Fehotel is celebrating Barbie’s 60th anniversary by partnering with Mattel to offer the “ultimate Barbie glamping experience.”
  • Glamping combines “glamour” and “camping,” and can be much more luxurious than sleeping in an outdoor tent.
  • Guests of the hotel can stay in one of two doll-themed bedrooms, eat pink food from a Barbie-inspired menu, or lounge outside on pink pool chairs.
  • The suite will be offered until December, and cost between $US189 and $US229 per night.
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2019 marks Barbie’s 60th anniversary, and the famous doll is being celebrated in many ways, with the release of a new range of Barbie toys and the brand’s recent collaboration on a retro sneaker with Puma.

You can also celebrate the occasion by staying in a Barbie-themed room at the Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe. The hotel has joined forces with Mattel to transform one of its rooms into a “glamping”-style suite that’s fit for the famous doll. The hotel has also created a Barbie-themed dining menu, and included plenty of photo ops.

Depending on when you stay at the Barbie Suite, which is offered until December 2019, the room costs between $US189 and $US229 per night. From pink food to doll-themed bedrooms, here’s a look inside the suite.

The Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe hotel has partnered with Mattel to celebrate Barbie’s 60th anniversary.

© 2019 HiltonThe check-in desk is decorated to celebrate Barbie’s 60th anniversary.

Hilton and Mattel mainly worked together on creating “the ultimate Barbie glamping experience,” according to a press release that Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe provided to INSIDER, but you don’t have to stay in the Barbie-themed suite to partake in the celebration.

Guests of the hotel are greeted with Barbie-themed decor as soon as they walk inside, with the check-in desk lined with a pink Barbie carpet and matching velvet ropes.

There’s no shortage of photo ops throughout the hotel.

© 2019 HiltonYou can take photos alongside this larger-than-life Barbie shoe.

A giant pink pump is located inside the hotel’s entrance, providing the perfect place to take photos.

Staying in the Barbie-themed hotel room costs $US189 per night on weekdays, and $US229 per night on weekends.

© 2019 HiltonYou can stay at the Barbie-themed hotel until December 2019.

The room and other Barbie-themed amenities will be available until December 2019. They took 20 weeks to create, according to the press release.

The hotel’s lobby is filled with Barbie artwork.

© 2019 HiltonAlmost every inch of the hotel has been influenced by Barbie.

The lobby is also home to a “collection of rare Barbie dolls from the past six decades,” according to Hilton representatives.

A pink Barbie-themed carpet leads hotel guests to their bedrooms.

© 2019 HiltonIt’s easy to find the Barbie Suite thanks to this pink carpet.

There are even more paintings, photographs, and Barbie dolls throughout the hallways.

The hotel’s Barbie Suite is located behind a baby-pink door.

© 2019 HiltonThe hotel’s Barbie-themed rooms are decorated in shades of pink.

There’s also a matching Barbie-themed welcome mat placed right outside the room.

Inside, hotel guests will find two adjoining rooms: one meant for adults, and one intended for children.

© 2019 HiltonThe adult section of the Barbie suite looks chic.

The adult bedroom can house up to two guests, and features a single black-and-white bed with Barbie-monogrammed pillows.

The room is also filled with multiple framed photos, including one that showcases Barbie’s evolution over the past six decades.

Even the room’s bathroom was inspired by Barbie.

© 2019 HiltonThe room’s clear shower is decorated to match Barbie’s style.

Barbie-shaped window clings are attached to the shower, and a matching floor mat is included inside.

Connected to the adult’s room is another Barbie-themed section.

© 2019 HiltonBoth children and adults can stay in this room.

It can accommodate up to four children or two adults.

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“Glamping,” or glamorous camping, is the theme of this Barbie-inspired room.

© 2019 HiltonGuests who stay in this room will feel like they’re camping with Barbie.

The room is home to “a life-sized DreamCamper,” which doubles as a place for kids to play in and sleep, according to the press release.

The idea was to create a space where guests could go “glamping,” which combines glamour and camping.

“Barbie loves to travel, enjoys nature, and cares about the environment, without forgoing the comfort of the most sophisticated accommodations,” Andres Korngold, the General Manager of Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe, said in the press release.

Next to the camper is a play area for children who stay in the suite.

© 2019 HiltonYou can play with Barbie dolls in this glamping-themed room.

The area has an outdoor aesthetic, and includes a grass-like floor and curtains that are printed with a night-sky pattern. There are also plenty of Barbie dolls and accessories to play with.

In the bathroom, children can use Barbie-themed products from Colgate and Avon.

© 2019 HiltonBarbie styling dolls are included in one of the suite’s bathrooms.

Not only are Barbie toothpastes and shampoos included in the hotel bathroom, but children will also have access to a Barbie styling doll.

Hotel guests can indulge in a pink meal at the location’s MADERA restaurant.

© 2019 HiltonYou can order heart-shaped pizzas from the limited-edition menu.

To celebrate the doll’s 60th anniversary, the on-sight MADERA restaurant is offering a Barbie-inspired menu. It’s said to include food such as “heart-shaped pizzas, gnocchi in pink sauce, red-velvet treats, and strawberry ice cream,” according to hotel representatives.

Breakfast includes an array of fruit dishes.

© 2019 HiltonEach dish on the Barbie menu is pink.

Pink parfait is served with yogurt, currants, and granola, as well as pink milkshakes and “Barbie Smoothies.”

There are also tons of pink desserts to order at the restaurant.

© 2019 HiltonThere are tons of pink cakes on the Barbie menu at MADERA.

MADERA will serve heart-shaped cakes topped with red fruits and strawberry jam, raspberry sponge cake, and red-velvet pastries.

Some desserts are served in wine glasses.

© 2019 HiltonYou can eat your dessert in style at the MADERA restaurant.

This dish appears to feature sponge cake, cream, and berries.

Even a section of the hotel’s pool is dedicated to Barbie.

© 2019 HiltonPink curtains surround the Barbie-themed area.

Lounge chairs at the pool are covered in pink Barbie-printed cushions, and a matching curtain surrounds the themed area.

To find out more about the Barbie Suite, visit the Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe website.

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