Barbie's Giant Pink And Purple Dream House Is Berlin's 'Most Visible New Tourist Attraction'

Barbie Dream House A young visitor inspects the kitchen at the Barbie Dreamhouse Experience on May 16, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. The Barbie Dreamhouse is a life-sized house full of Barbie fashion, furniture and accessories and will be open to the public until August 25 before it moves on to other cities in Europe.

A life-sized Barbie dream house recently opened in Berlin, and NBC News is calling it

“the German capital’s most visible new tourist attraction.”Visitors can try on Barbie’s clothes, play her pink piano and bake virtual cupcakes in her huge kitchen. The entire house is decorated in shocking pink and purple hues.

The exhibit, called “Barbie Dreamhouse Experience,” will be open until August 25, and it has already drawn protests from a feminist group that says the dream house objectifies women. One topless woman wrote “Life in plastic is not fantastic” on her chest and set fire to a Barbie on a crucifix.

Despite the protests, the exhibit’s organiser told Reuters that the dream house is “basically about playing, being amazed and discovering” and said that “there’s lots of hidden things to be found” in the interactive house.

The life-sized dream house covers about 25,000 square feet.

Barbie's giant, pink high heeled shoe functions as a fountain.

Up to 3,000 people per day are expected to visit the Barbie dream house exhibit.

Each visitor is given a wristband to use as a key to the interactive stations in the house.

A visit to the exhibit costs about $28.

Barbie's massive kitchen has a walk-in refrigerator.

Visitors can bake virtual cupcakes in Barbie's kitchen.

The counters are different heights, probably to accommodate small children.

Barbie's bedroom features a giant ballerina music box.

The dream house will also host birthday parties for children.

Visitors can take a look at Barbie's wardrobe.

A pink dolphin pops out of the toilet bowl in Barbie's bathroom.

Children can play on this moving winter sled in the dream house.

The house also features Barbie computer terminals.

Hundreds of Barbie dolls are for sale in the exhibit.

Barbie dolls are also on display at the house.

A topless protester tied a Barbie doll to a crucifix and set it on fire at the house's opening.

Now that you've seen Barbie's mansion in Berlin ...

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