5 barbers you should be following on Instagram

Instagram is the best way for barbers to show off their work (and see what colleagues are up to).

Here are some of our favourite feeds, how these guys keep clients looking sharp, and who they follow to stay on the cutting edge.

1. Matty Conrad

Victory Barber & Brand, Victoria, British Columbia

A photo posted by @mattyconrad on Jul 11, 2015 at 9:10am PDT

The man: Conrad started as a hairstylist in top Canadian salons before being poached by the European hair-care line Schwarzkopf as an instructor.

The feed: Barbershop candids, bulldogs, and backstage shots from Milan and New York City Fashion Weeks.

‘Gram game: “I’m playing horse with haircuts with a few barbers. We’ll do a haircut, post them side by side, and get everyone to vote. Whoever loses gets a letter.”

Trick of the trade: Barbers are responsible for taking some off the top of your brows, even shaving down to the shoulders and cleaning up the T-shirt line.”

Who he follows: Amsterdam’s @cutthroatbarberandcoffee, which started a #gameoffades competition.

2. J. Clark Walker

Fellow Barber, New York City

The man: Walker was once on a premed track. “I talked to a bunch of barbers,” he says. “They all said, ‘Best job ever,’ so I signed up.”

The feed: Almost exclusively his cuts, with details about the guys who end up in his chair.

‘Gram game: “I found Fellow Barber’s feed in barber school. We followed each other. When I got here, we talked, I did some haircuts, and they offered me a job.”

Trick of the trade: “Clippers. Period. A lot of guys who come in will ask for scissor cuts. They don’t realise how good a clipper cut can look.”

Who he follows: Hamlet Garcia (@inthecut305), based in Miami, is a master of the high-shine pompadour.

3. Jason Schneidman

Chris McMillan Salon, Los Angeles

The man: When he’s not at his day job, Schneidman offers advice as a Dove Men+Care Hair expert and grooms Hollywood A-listers.

The feed: “I don’t just post hair. I’ve got my family, my surfing, my motorcycle.”

‘Gram game: “I treat celebs the same as normal clients. But Bruno Mars followers are like a cult — they can’t get enough behind the scenes. We take a photo if we’re really stoked about a cut.”

Trick of the trade: “I specialize in mid-length cuts, what I call the movie-star haircut. A lot of people don’t know when to stop.”

Who he follows: An account almost every barber mentions, the Rotterdam shop @schorembarbier posts vintage-inspired pics, the occasional mohawk — and shots of straight razors and shears.

4. Mark Bustos

Three Squares Studio, New York City

A photo posted by Mark Bustos (@markbustos) on Jul 17, 2015 at 5:42am PDT

The man: Phillip Lim‘s favourite barber (“He does the most wicked fades,” Lim says) spends his weekends cutting homeless people’s hair.

The feed: Salon cuts — and photos and anecdotes from his work on the streets (look for posts tagged with #BeAwesomeToSomebody).

‘Gram game: “I approached this guy named Joe. The sign next to him said give money to a dead corpse, and he told me that’s what he felt like. After the haircut and some food, he said he didn’t feel that way anymore. I post these photos to inspire people to pay it forward.”

Trick of the trade: “I always go with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. If you’re not washing your hair every day, and you shouldn’t, this will suck away unnecessary oils.”

Who he follows: Named British hairdresser of the year, @kevinluchmun works at Toni & Guy in London and is equally adept with Caesars and side parts.

5. Miguel Gutierrez

The Nomad Barber Shop , London

The man: After learning barbering as a teenager in Liverpool, Gutierrez became a fixture at London Fashion Week and cut hair in the UK and Australia before he began travelling to learn new techniques from around the world.

The feed: Alfresco barbering sessions, photos of friends in places like India, and renovation projects in his brand-new shop in the East End.

‘Gram game: “The goal is to keep a certain flow so people can follow the journeys I’m on.”

Trick of the trade: “I’ve picked up a lot of service-inspired ideas, like offering a neck massage after haircuts.”

Who he follows: Another favourite of industry insiders, @mjsolofamensgrooming features recent cuts and images of well-coiffed icons like Clint Eastwood and Elvis.

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