College Student Allegedly Tried To Coerce Her Boyfriend Into Maiming And Killing Her Ex-Lover

Barbara WuScreenshot/KABCBarbara Wu, 22, is charged with soliciting murder.

A 22-year-old woman has been accused of trying to enlist her former boyfriend in a twisted plot to murder her ex-lover while she was a student at the University of California, Riverside.

Barbara Wu’s former boyfriend, who turned her in, testified in a Riverside, Calif. court Friday that she was always trying to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend, KABC reported.

“She asked me to kidnap him and tie him up so she could break his legs with a bat, to ‘motorcycle’ him and then to somehow kill him and then dispose of the body,” said her former boyfriend, who’s only identified as Doe #2 because he’s considered a victim.

Wu pleaded not guilty in May to soliciting her ex-boyfriend’s murder.

Doe #2, whom she allegedly asked to kill her other ex, first contacted the university’s sexual harassment office about Wu, the Riverside Press-Enterprise reported. The school contacted police, who in turn asked Doe #2 to record the alleged plot.

“Since I’m now an ex-boyfriend who told police about her, I fear for my life,” Doe #2 said in court documents.

Wu and Doe # 2 reportedly had a rocky relationship. In a restraining order cited by the Press-Enterprise, Doe #2 said Wu had slapped him multiple times after an argument.

“If you want to leave I get to slap you for the disrespect you gave me,” she reportedly told him after a fight.

On Monday, a judge will hear from more witnesses to see if there’s enough evidence to move on with a trial, KABC reported. The 22-year-old is still in jail.

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