WATCH: Guest Tells Barbara Walters, 'My affair wasn't like the one you had with a senator'


Jessica Hahn, who was once evangelical superminister Jim Bakker’s mistress, made a serious misstep when she appeared on “The View” today.

She crossed Barbara Walters.

When asked about her time with Bakker, Hahn piped up that her encounter with the preacher wasn’t a proper affair like “the one you had with a Senator.” She was addressing Walters, who icily responded: “This is about you, my dear. This is not about me.”

Clearly, Hahn hasn’t watched “The View” enough to know that you can poke at Elizabeth or you can joke with Joy — but you definitely don’t take shots at Mama Babs. We can only imagine that Hahn paid dearly backstage.

Video below.

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