Is Bernie Madoff Time's 'Person Of The Year'?

madoff bernie bernard ponzi fraud crook

Barbara Walters says Time magazine should consider Bernie Madoff for its annual “Person of the Year” issue, reports

Walters’ reasoning: “If you want to sell some magazines, you name someone like Madoff. People would pick up those issues and say, ‘How dare you?'”

The broadcasting icon knows controversy sells — as creator-producer of ABC’s “The View,” Walters smartly recruited conservative lightning-rod Elisabeth Hasselbeck for the ladies’ panel, expanded the “Hot Topics” section to make more time for argument — er, discourse — and brought on such beloved public figures as Kate Gosselin and La Toya Jackson as guest co-hosts.

This is why “The View” is must-watch morning TV.

Anyways, ol’ Bernie might be edged out by Twitter or the Economy for Time’s cover star, according to’s Jason Fell.

Walters was one of six panelists including Rudy Giuliani and Dr. Mehmet Oz weighing in on who — or what — should be named “Person of the Year.” Three voted for Twitter; three voted for the economy. Giuliani, who voted for the economy, also suggested Captain Sully and Derek Jeter.

What do you think? Does Twitter warrant top honours — and would it sell as many issues as Madoff?

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