A Childhood Friend Of Barbara Walter’s Daughter Says The Journalist’s Memoir Made Her Suicidal

Barbara Walters
Barbara Walters

An appeals court has ruled  Barbara Walters did not defame her daughter’s childhood friend in her 2008 autobiography “Audition: A Memoir,” The National Law Journal reported.Nancy Shay, who claimed to know Walters’ daughter in the 1980s, objected to passages describing how Walters’ 15-year-old daughter, Jackie, befriended a student named “Nancy,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

One of the passages included: 

“Jackie started to refuse to come home on weekends. She had a new friend named “Nancy,” whom the school kicked out midterm for bad behaviour. She and Jackie had been found in a nearby town, high on God-knows-what. My daughter, though, was not told to leave. The school obviously did not want to lose Barbara Walters’ daughter.”

Shay claimed that she got severely depressed following her expulsion and that the memoir brought it all back. She also claims that Walter’s book was inaccurate, and she says she’s asking the Supreme Court to hear her case.

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