Weiner's Aide Tweets Swear Jar Pic After Epic Rant Against Former Intern

Anthony Weiner Barbara MorganAnthony Weiner and spokeswoman Barbara Morgan

One day after she completely melted down at a former campaign intern, Anthony Weiner spokeswoman Barbara Morgan laughed off an epic rant that made national headlines Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

In the rant, she had called Olivia Nuzzi, a former intern who wrote an unflattering tell-all about the Weiner campaign, a “bitch,” “slutbag,” “twat,” and “cunt” in an interview with Talking Points Memo. She also threatened to sue Nuzzi. 

She said in a statement Tuesday night that she had apologized to Nuzzi. And in a tweet on Wednesday, she jokingly put a lot into the “swear jar” at campaign headquarters:

Nuzzi tweeted Wednesday morning that she accepted Morgan’s apology. 

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