This Young Blonde Was The 7th Most Popular Person On Wall Street Today

Barb Seaman, courtesy of Penn Athletics

A random name popped up today on Bloomberg’s “MVP” list, which ranks the Most Viewed Profiles.Barb Seaman, an analyst at Pierpont Securities, a private broker dealer, made it all the way to number 7.

UPDATE: Apparently she’s now up to #2.

She’s the only name on the list who isn’t already famous on Wall Street – yet.

So who is this mysterious young dark horse? And why do people care?

A quick google search quelled our curiosity.

Barb Seaman graduated from Penn in 2010, she’s a former All-Ivy athlete who graduated Cum Laude, she just started working for Pierpont in August. Bloomberg wrote about her today because she’s an Ivy League athlete who got her job through alumni connections.

In other words, she’s a hot blonde who just started working on Wall Street, and everyone just noticed.


It’s kind of like when a CNBC cameraman got bored talking to Brian Moynihan and zoomed in on two blondes on the Bank of America trading floor instead.

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