Barangaroo was evacuated as a cherry picker dangled 51 floors above Tower One

Barangaroo. Photo: William West/AFP/Getty Images

The streets around Barangaroo’s Tower One were cleared and closed following an incident involving a crane atop the 217-metre-high building.

The crane left a 3.9 tonne cherry picker dangling mid-air 51 floors above the development, with police helping clear the area as a precaution.

Barangaroo developer Lendlease issued a statement confirming a “crane malfunction at Barangaroo Tower One yesterday afternoon.

“We are taking steps to secure the crane and its load, and as a precaution have created an exclusion zone and evacuated people on that part of the project.

“Safety remains our number one priority and engineers are assessing the crane and will advise next steps in due course,” the company said.

Hickson Road, the main thoroughfare past the area, has been closed. Engineers will try to lower the crane this morning.

The incident occurred around 3.45pm. No one was injured.

Tower One has yet to be completed and at this point, and is not occupied.

These images from Nine News appear to show part of the crane atop Tower One has buckle. The incident is now likely to be part of a WorkCover investigation.

NSW Police say road closures in the Barangaroo precinct are expected to continue as work continues to secure the rooftop crane and its load.

The latest incident comes more than two years after a fire during construction closed the site down for a week amid concerns about a crane that could collapse. It was later deemed safe but Lendlease dismantled it as a precaution.

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