Here's Barack Obama's NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket

President Barack Obama NCAA Tournament BracketESPNPresident Barack Obama has filled out his annual NCAA Tournament bracket.

Kentucky is the heavy favourite to win the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and President Barack Obama is going with the crowd, picking the Wildcats to finish the season 40-0 and win it all.

Obama made filled out his annual bracket for ESPN and Kentucky is not the only “chalky” pick the president is making.

Of his Final Four picks, three are No. 1 seeds and the fourth is a 2-seed.

Here are Obama’s Final Four picks along with the odds each team has of reaching the Final Four according to Nate Silver:

  1. Kentucky, No. 1 seed in the Midwest region — 72% chance to reach the Final Four
  2. Villanova, No. 1 seed in the East region — 45% chance to reach the Final Four
  3. Duke, No. 1 seed in the South region — 32% chance to reach the Final Four
  4. Arizona, No. 2 seed in the West region — 46% chance to reach the Final Four

Those are also the four teams with the best chances to reach the Final Four according to Silver’s model.

In the Elite Eight, Obama has Kentucky beating third-seeded Notre Dame, Arizona beating top-seeded Wisconsin, Villanova beating No. 2 seed Virginia, and Duke besting third-seeded Iowa State.

Obama’s big upset picks in the first round are No. 12 seed Wyoming over No. 5 seed Northern Iowa, No. 12 seed Buffalo over No. 5 seed West Virginia, and 11th-seeded Texas over 6th seed Butler.

Here is the full bracket via

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