Barack Obama took a humorous dig at Donald Trump on Jimmy Fallon's 'Slow Jam the News'

Barack obama slow jam the news jimmy fallon nbc‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’/NBC/YouTubePresident Obama on ‘The Tonight Show.’

President Obama got to tout the accomplishments of his administration and took a couple jabs at Donald Trump on Jimmy Fallon’s popular sketch “Slow Jam the News” on Thursday night.

And naturally, Obama’s version of the R&B take on the topics of the day also wrapped with a mic drop.

As for his progressive accomplishments, Obama discussed his work on climate control, LGBT rights, and the Affordable Care Act — or in his words, “climate change is real, health care is affordable, and love is love.”

He also reminded us how he was elected during a recession, and has been able to stimulate the economy and create new jobs.

Backup singer Jimmy Fallon summarized that with, “In 2008, the country wasn’t feeling in the mood. It was too tired, stressed — said it had a headache. Barack lit some candles and got some silky satin sheets. Told the American people, ‘Yes, we can.'”

And even though this appearance was shot on Wednesday ahead of Obama’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Thursday, there was a slick foreshadowing in the sketch.

Black Thought of The Roots, Fallon’s backing band, sang, “He created lots of jobs for you and me. He’s got one more left for Hillary.”

Obama took the opportunity for a creative reference to Trump.

“Orange is not the new black,” Obama said.

And in an attack on the GOP candidate’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” Obama said, “America’s best days are still yet to come.”

Watch Obama’s “Slow Jam the News” below:

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