Barack Obama Unleashes An Enormous Assault On Mitt Romney's Time At Bain

The Obama campaign has just released a new two-minute ad, featuring the stories of workers from Kansas City’s GST Steel, a company that Bain Capital took over before it went bust. 

It is also paired with an interactive slideshow at Seeing as other slideshows are also available it is inevitable that this is just the first ad in a series.  

Here is the devastating ad.

The Obama campaign has set up a new interactive website for launching attacks on Romney,

The message is simple: MItt Romney earned a profit while some of the companies he managed were destroyed.

Now here's where the story-telling begins.

The sourcing for the ads comes from simple wire reports.

Already the story is getting ominous.

Here's one of the most devastating emotions Obama is going to use; fear that retirement will mean poverty.

Debt leading to broken promises.

This slide seems a bit of a stretch. It's not clear that better health insurance would have prevented lung cancer.

Here comes the government bailout. When Romney goes after Obama for bailouts, this is exactly what the President will throw in his face.

And the Obama campaign has made this slideshow and the ads easily shareable. You'll be seeing this all over Facebook and Twitter.

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