Barack Obama Gave Some Jokes 'A Burl' For The Aussie Audience In His G20 Brisbane Speech

US President Barack Obama addresses an audience at the University of Queensland. Photo: Glenn Hunt/ Getty.

US President Barack Obama has given his Australian accent a go and laid on a couple of dad jokes in a speech to the University of Queensland.

In his address to the crowded auditorium of 1000 students ahead of the G20 summit, Obama spoke on climate change, gay rights and for health equality.

But it was the first minute and a half of his speech that Obama hooked his audience and had them hanging on his every word.

Here are some of the warm up jokes he used to engage 1000 Australian university students.

He mentions social media and Lady Gaga

“In fact last year, I even tweeted one of your studies to my 31, uh, to my 31 million followers on Twitter. Just bragging a little bit. I don’t think that is quite as much as Lady Gaga, but it is still pretty good. It is still not bad.”

He played the Queensland fan card

“This city is just stunning, beautiful one day and then perfect the next — that’s what I understand.

“My staff was very excited for Brisvegas. When I arrived they advised I needed some XXXX. (He laughs to a member of the audience) “Ha, ha. You have some?”

Then he had a crack at the Australian accent

“I learned to speak a little ‘styrne, I’m tempted to give it a burl…(he laughs) that’s about as far as I can go actually.”

Now watch some of the other highlights.

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