President Obama tells a Donald Trump horror story for Halloween on ‘Samantha Bee’

Obama samantha bee

President Barack Obama appeared on a Halloween-themed “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” on Monday, in which he told a scary story of a Donald Trump presidency and predicted what Hillary Clinton’s version of the “birther” controversy would be if she were elected.

POTUS came on the show primarily to emphasise how important it is for millennials to vote, so Bee challenged him to speak to her as if she were a potential millennial voter. Her impression cracked up Obama, but he composed himself long enough to emphasise Clinton’s plans for affordable college education and the importance of climate change.

“Young people have a bigger stake in this election than anybody,” Obama told Bee. “I would hope that you’d be willing to take about the same amount of time that you spend just looking through cat videos on your phone to make sure that democracy is working.”

“Sorry, I was just Snapchatting myself as a bottlenose dolphin,” Bee answered.

Since many see the “birther” campaign alleging that Obama wasn’t born in the US as racist, Bee then asked him what he thought the “female equivalent of ‘you weren’t born in this country'” would be if Clinton were elected the first woman president. 

“I think the equivalent will be ‘she’s tired,’ ‘she’s moody,’ ‘she’s being emotional,'” he said. “When men are ambitious, it’s just taken for granted… When women are ambitious, ‘Why?’ That theme will continue throughout her presidency and it contributed to this notion that somehow she is hiding something.”

To top off the Halloween night interview, Bee asked Obama to tell her a spooky story about what happens when people don’t vote.

“Donald Trump could be president,” he said. 

Watch Bee’s full interview with Obama below:

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