Barack Obama: Car Salesman


Well, it’s official. Obama rolled out the new fuel economy and emission standards today in the Rose Garden at the White House.

He says it will reduce our need of oil by 1.8 billion barrels, the equivalent of what we imported last year from Nigeria, Venezuela, Libya, and Saudi Arabia combined. Obama says its like taking 58 million cars off our roads.

As for the pesky concerns about the increase in the price of cars, well, Barack Obama, the salesman, has something to put you at ease: “It will pay off in three years…You’ll save about $2,800 through better gas mileage.”

He wasn’t done trying to get you into a car on price alone, he also added at the end of the press conference, that the “Ford Fusion hybrid, it runs great, take a look at it.” Then he remembered that there were other automakers on stage and lamely tried to endorse them as well.

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