And Now Swimsuit Model Bar Refaeli Is Dabbling In Angel Investing

bar refaeli

Photo: AP

Swimsuit model Bar Refaeli is jumping into the angel investment game, reports Ryan Tate at Gawker, via Israeli paper Globes.Of course she is! It’s the hot new thing to do. Just yesterday her ex-boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio did it too.

She’s putting $1 million into an online underwear company called Undeez. Refaeli will be responsible for Biz Dev and marketing for Undeez.

Here’s why she’s doing it:

“I’m opening an online company called Undeez. The website,, launches in November and on it you’ll be able to buy clothes – underwear, socks, and t-shirts for men and women – in very soft, basic fabrics. I started the site with a friend because when I like a pair of underwear, I’ll get 30 pairs of it in the same colour. But I don’t have time to go buy underwear all the time. And I had boyfriends who were the same way – they never had time to go buy socks and underwear, that’s for sure! – so this website is great because after subscribing, you get these necessities sent directly to you each month.”

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