From Seizures To Power Outages: Here's What Happened During The Bar Exam

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Photo: YouTube/In Betweeners

What’s more stressful to a law student than taking the bar exam?Probably having a seizure and being carried out of the exam room.

A student found himself in that unfortunate situation an hour into a Virginia bar exam, Above The Law reported Wednesday.

“Guy is ok. He showed up at the end of the day [with] 15 stitches and is trying to sit for the multi-state tomorrow,” a tipster said of the incident, according to Above The Law.

But even with the guy reportedly bleeding everywhere, some people refused to be distracted.

“Guy had a seizure an hour into the exam,” another tipster said of the same incident, according to Above The Law. “People barely looked up and just pretended like it wasn’t even happening.”

Raleigh, N.C. also played host to a less bloody but still ridiculous bar exam meltdown, Above The Law reported.

People taking the exam on the North Carolina fairgrounds – seems weird to us too – were left with no computers and no air conditioning when the grounds lost power during the test.

“People’s computer batteries died mid-essay and everyone freaked out,” a test-taker told Above The Law. “They gave everyone extra time to make up for it but it probably threw a lot of people off their game. I was super glad I decided to hand write the exam; I would’ve felt like a real moron if I’d paid the computer fee and then still had to handwrite.”

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