Banksy's #3 Artwork In NYC Features A Dog And A Fire Hydrant

StreetArtNews has uncovered the third work in graffiti artist Banky’s month-long series in New York City.

The image, which features a dog, a fire hydrant, and the phrase “You Complete Me… ” is located on 24th Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan.

Banksy’s website has not yet been updated with the new stencil, but a toll-free number ( 1-800-656-4271, #2) that viewers can call for additional (and amusing) information about the project confirms that it’s part of the show. A photo has also been posted to the artist’s Instagram account.

StreetArtNews snapped a photo of the mural:

Here’s another view, courtesy of StreetArtAnarchy. Unfortunately, the work has already been damaged:

Here was artwork #2:

And #1:

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