Banksy Tagged Coney Island With A Robot In Today's Artwork

For the 28th day of his month-long installation in New York City, street artist Banksy headed to Coney Island, where he painted a robot doing some futuristic graffiti:

If you know the exact location of the piece, please let us know at [email protected]

Yesterday, the artist claimed he tried to get an op-ed column published in The New York Times about why the design of the new World Trade Center is a disaster.

But that failed, so instead he tagged a Greenpoint building with the phrase “This site contains blocked messages.”

The artist is 28 days into his “artist’s residency” in New York City. Past works have included a mural quoting “Gladiator,” a slaughterhouse delivery truck filled with squealing stuffed animals, and an animated film featuring Islamist rebels and Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

You can see all the past works in the series here.

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