Crowds Have Formed Around Banksy's Latest NYC Work, Featuring Horses In Night-Vision Goggles [PHOTOS]

On Day #9 of his month-long series on the streets of New York City, graffiti artist Banksy has gone dark with a depiction of a shootout between armed men and hi-tech horses wearing night-vision goggles.

The mural, located on the Lower East Side, appears to be painted on a car and the side of a truck.

UPDATE: A tipster tells us this piece is on Ludlow between Rivington and Stanton Streets. He also said that some people attempting to hop the locked chain-link fence to get a closer look. One guy tried to take the orange cone that’s part of the work, but he left it after he was booed by the crowd, our tipster said.

Addition pictures of the crowds are below.

This latest work is accompanied by an “audio guide” narrating the shootout with “Crazy Horse” on a police radar. You can listen to it on Banksy’s website.

The work is behind a heavily chained fence. A toll-free number where passers-by can access the audio guide is located on the garbage can next to the car.

A tipster sent in some additional photos of the work and the crowd that has gathered:

gave a rare interviewto The Village Voice today, explaining why he picked New York City for his latest installation.

You can find the rest of the works in his month-long series, titled “Better Out Than In,” here.

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