Banks Are Falling Left And Right Today

Wall Street Trader Sad Depressed Hand In Face

Photo: Allison Joyce/Getty Images

Bank stocks across the world are getting crushed by the New York Times report that the JPMorgan CIO trading loss may reach $9 billion.

  • JPMorgan is down 2.77 per cent
  • Goldman Sachs is down 0.57 per cent
  • Citigroup is down 1.18 per cent
  • Bank of America is down 1.03 per cent
  • Barclays is down 10.62 (also due to LIBOR issue)
  • Deutsche Bank is down 4.28 per cent
  • BNP Paribas SA is down 3.09 per cent
  • HSBC Holdings is down 2.83 per cent
  • Banco Santander, SA is down 1.07 per cent
  • Standard Chartered PLC is down 1.56 per cent

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