Banking CEOs: How Long Will They Last? (Slideshow)



Being the chief executive of a bank used to be one of the easiest jobs in the world. The key to the game was to take the job after an economic downturn, announce a “new era” for the bank, then sit back and claim credit while the economic recovery delivered returns to the bottom line.

Those times are gone. These days, bank CEOs are expected to work for $1 salaries and reject contractual bonuses. (They do, however, get to keep pricey perks. Lloyd Blankfein’s driver costs Goldman more than $200,000 a year.) And angry shareholders, most of whom have been almost wiped out by the declines all across the banking sector, are looking for blood.

So how long can the current crop of CEOs expect to survive?

Using our extremely unscientific survey method, we predict exactly how long the biggest banking CEOs can expect to keep their jobs.


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