NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART: Stunning Photos Of The Bangkok Riot


Our man Vincent Fernando has been covering the violent Thai uprising from an undisclosed safehouse in Bangkok.

We’re were shocked by pictures of riots in Greece, but the chaos in Thailand takes it to another level. Remember, this is one of the hottest developing markets in the world. Watch how quickly it can all come apart.

The pictures below show an opposition leader who has been shot in the head. He survives the attack — but is brutally injured.

TODAY: An insurgent Thai General was shot in the head while giving an interview to the Herald Tribune

Source: Thai Free News

Red Shirts watch for snipers

Source: Wong May-e on AP

April 29: Red Shirts make a barricade

April 28: Thai soldiers fire on protesters

Source: Dave Guttenfelder on AP

April 28: Thai students take cover

April 23: Police fight back the Red Shirts

April 23: Red Shirts wear plastic bags to escape tear gas

April 9: Red Shirts try to force their face into a broadcasting station

A protester is hit by a tear gas grenade

The helicopters are dropping tear gas

Even in peace, they were the red shirt

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