Brand New iPhone Game Lets The 99% Go To War Against Bankers

Bankers v. Humans

Photo: YouTube

Here’s something to keep both 99% and the 1% occupied.There’s a new game available in the iTunes Store called “Bankers vs. Humans” that plays upon themes of the Occupy Wall Street movement. 

“Are you angry at bankers?  This is the place to take them down! Or are you a banker and angry at the media n’ protesters!  Battle it out over the skies of Switzerland, Brazil, New York city and many,  many more exotic destinations!” the game’s website reads.

Bankers vs. Humans can be downloaded on an iPhone or iPad for 99 cents. [via Pocket Gamer]

'In 1929, the world faced one of the biggest meltdowns ever../ In 1980, 1981 and 1982, it happened again. And again in 2008. Humans finally found out the root cause greed/ money/ debt/ BANKERS. Can you stop the next meltdown?' the game's trailer teaser reads.

For the game, you can choose between a Slick Banker, Fat Trader, Intellectual and a Hippie.

The game's trailer calls it one of 'the most ridiculous plot lines ever.'

The object of the game is to rise to the top of the corporate ladder by battling it out in the skies of New York City and Brazil.

Bankers and Humans also duke it out in Camp David or Davos, Switzerland 'where lots of bankers and CEOs meet.'

According to the game's website, if you're a Human you goal is to get promoted to President.

Bankers, on the other hand, are trying to get promoted to CEO.

In order to get promoted, combine your gaming skills with the use of rocket launchers, helicopter drops, jet packs etc.

Or you can always 'buy your way to the top' in the game's shop.

Some of the hindrances you have to watch out for include private jets, poison pills, SEC investigations and protesters.

The game maker's CEO told Pocket Gamer that the best strategy to win is to 'Stock up on Golden Parachutes and navigate through Bailouts and Loopholes.'

If you become a top scorer, you can end up on the games so-called 'Rich List' leaderboard.

Want to see a real life ridiculous Occupy Wall Street Plot?

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