Bankers Strike Back And Mario Apologizes: The Latest On Bankers V. Batali

It didn’t take long for bankers to strike back at celebrity chef Mario Batali after he compared Stalin and Hitler on Monday night.

The word is, that the moment bankers heard what he said (and it was a quick moment, given the speed of a Bloomberg terminal), they were talking about each other about boycotting him. Apparently, this message was going nuts on the trading floor around 3:13 p.m yesterday afternoon.

Via Gawker:

trading floor message batali

And the buzz was crazy on Twitter as well:

twitter bloomberg reporter on batali
twitter banker batali

Worst of all (this is how you know it’s bad), bankers were actually talking to the press about it. Here’s what one bankers had to say to The NY Post:

“I’ve been to every one of his restaurants but what [Batali] said was just out of line today,” said Michael Misisco, a broker at trading shop Mint Partners, part of BCG Partners.

Being a business man as well as chef, Batali had to realise that this was bad for his $300 truffle tasting menu. So he apologized via Twitter:

twitter banker batali

Quick, yes. But we’ll find out soon whether or not it was painless.


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