Bankers Still Don't Like Obama

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Wall Street is still holding the same grudge they were a year ago, when Obama first began denigrating their lot. (Right around the time Blankfein said he was doing God’s work.)The way Wall Street *still* sees it, President Barack Obama is two-faced.

He’s nice to them in private, at fundraisers, but when the public is in ear-shot, he says things like Lloyd Blankfein made me the angriest I’ve been all year and such.

Wall Street banks are doing so well since the crisis (the last two years have been the best ever for Goldman, JPMorgan, Citi, and Bank of America) that you might think they’d have too much money to allow a little rhetoric to hurt their feelings.

But nope! The bankers are still pissed.

Bankers told POLITICO: “He whipped everyone into a frenzy against us,” said one banker.

“It’s a bunch of academic lefties down there,” said another.

“You have to understand, it is very personal. He raised money from us,” one executive at a top bank said. “Then he started calling us bad people. So forgive us for not wanting to buy him a drink after getting punched in the eye.”

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