Bankers: Here's Why You Should Pack Up Now And Move To Rio

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Rio de Janeiro will soon host one of the most important business summits in Brazil’s history: the Hedge Fund Brazil Forum.

Why is this particular conference so important? Because reps from Paulson and Co. and SAC Capital Advisers will be there, Reuters’ Svea Herbst-Bayliss reports.

The two funds, which together already command approximately $38 billion assets, are heading to the Costa Verde in search of new investors. Herbst-Bayliss writes that the domestic pool of private capital has thinned out as skittish clients remain on the sidelines.

If following cash isn’t enough to convince you that money managers should consider picking up stakes and move down to Rio, we’ve put together a list of more reasons why Brazil is an attractive place to be.

It costs half as much to live there than in New York.

Average monthly rent in prime city territory for a 3-bedroom apartment is $2,000. Buying the same apartment costs $980,000 on average, half the price of what it would cost in Manhattan.

7.5% GDP growth, anyone?

A slowdown in the Brazilian economy would still feel like warp speed for the rest of the world. In the past decade, GDP per capita grew 500% to $10,700.

Everyone speaks English.

Out of the largest developing economies, Brazil has the second-highest number of English speakers (10.2 million), behind only India.

Source: Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies

The people are beautiful...

Adriana Lima. Gisele Bündchen. Alessandra Ambrosio. Cintia Dicker. The list goes on and on and on.

While the circumstances of how Tom Brady met Gisele remain somewhat unclear, travel site reports there are known ex-pat hangouts where Brazilian women will congregate to rub elbows with high-flyers.

Brazilian guys are even more aggressive when it comes to flirting, RoadJunky writes, and will not hesitate to put their arm around a girl's waist, uninvited.

Your ride is bulletproof.

A combination perk and safety precaution, most execs are escorted around the city by bodyguards in armoured vehicles.


Rio is both a soccer mecca...

Rio is home to four Series A club teams, including Ronaldinho's Flamengo and ace sweeper Dedé's Vasco da Gama.

...And a music one.

Besides perennials like samba and bossa nova, more modern styles like favela funk (think Diplo), electronica and even indie rock can be heard there. Rio is also home to Brazil's national symphony orchestra.

One word: churrascaria

Forget the Americanized knock-offs. There are two dozen of the real thing in Rio to sate your carnivorous tendencies.

Carnival is the biggest party in the universe.

Here's the best excuse to tell your boss you rented an apartment in Rio in advance of the forum. This year's Carnival starts on Feb. 18 and lasts 'til the following Tuesday (Mardi Gras). While Carnival is celebrated around the country, everyone knows Rio is the carnival capital of the universe. Last year's event drew 4.9 million people.

Nightlife, every night.

The Lapa district hosts loads of Samba clubs that turn into wild parties. In 2006, The Guardian voted Rio Scenarium one of the 10-best bars in the world.

Miles and miles of beaches.

Rio has more than 33 miles of coastline and a dozen different beaches from which to check it out.

Did we mention...

...the people...

...are beautiful?

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