Bankers Beat Each Other Up To Relieve Stress After Work

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Merrill Lynch’s John Cholish is so intense about fighting that he converted the top floor of his apartment to a training gym.

Cholish was a wrestler at Cornell who since then has gotten “more involved in jiu-jitsu and fell in love with it,” he told Bloomberg. “Before I knew it, I was fighting professionally.”

He recently competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship 100 in Las Vegas.

He’s not alone; pro fighting is a really big trend in the finance world.

Kevin Burns, who trains the commercial business sales force at Wells Fargo started fighting professionally in 2006. Richard Bryne and Brian Peganoff from Deutsche Bank are also big fighters.

“It’s a great stress reliever,” says Bryne. “Talk about a great way to get aggression out, and it’s an unbelievable workout.”

Ramon Bauza, the head of foreign exchange debt capital market sales at Deutsche Bank, was a wrestler at Boston College and now trains with Byrne and Cholish.

“Some days, fighting is the only thing holding them together,” says the owner of the gym they all train at, Renzo Gracie Academy on West 30th Street.

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