It May Be A Lot Harder For Bankers To Pop Bottles With Their Clients In The Near Future

The life of a banker is about to get a little bit harder.

Firms have long banned employees from entertaining clients in strip clubs, but now they’re cracking down even more.

Several London banks have decided to ban employees from buying their clients shots and “pricey” bottle service, according to a Bloomberg report.

And on top of that, one London bank has started to impose curfews: senior bankers won’t be allowed stay out with clients past might night.

But that’s not so bad, considering the fact that junior bankers won’t be allowed out past 10.

All of these bans and restrictions show that banks are “becoming increasingly specific about what’s tolerated and what won’t be,” the report states.

In the last year, Barclays banned its employees from receiving gifts from brokers and Goldman Sachs declared that investment bankers aren’t allowed to trade individual stocks and bonds. And there’s more where that came from.

Overall, the latest bottle service and shots bans are expected to have a “positive impact.”

“A sober staff member is less likely to make an error of judgment, whether in conversation with a client on a night out or on the trading floor the next day,” said Paul Quain, a GQ Employment partner.

Here’s hoping.

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