Banker-Turned-Sex Therapist Discusses Wall Street's Biggest Sexual Health Problems

Mike Lousada

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Former London-based investment banker-turned-sex therapist Mike Lousada, who was dubbed the “orgasm guru” by British GQ, has revealed Wall Streeters’ biggest problems in bed.eFinancial Careers’ Sarah Butcher reports

“There are two problems with men in banking,” he said. “One is erectile dysfunction (ED). The other is premature ejaculation (PE). Both are linked to the nature of banking jobs.”

Lousada said male bankers are prone to ED because they suffer from performance anxiety. “Banking is a performance-related, competitive culture. If you work in an environment which emphasises performance so heavily, it creates a mindset that spills out into other areas of your life.”

Lousada, who spent spent 20 years working in the City (London’s version of Wall Street) at Barclays, SocGen, JPMorgan Chase and Nomura, describes himself as psychosexual body worker. 

This definitely isn’t your typical career that you would segue into after a long stint on the Street, so we decided to learn a litte more. 

Here’s what we now know about Lousada’s profession: 

  • His clients include mostly women, but he also works with men.  He does not consider himself gay or straight, according to a report from the Independent.
  • The female clients he sees may be women who have never orgasmed before, they don’t enjoy sex or they’re virgins, he told The Sun back in 2011.
  • The women he sees are typically ages 35 to 55.  He’s seen clients young as 25 and as old as 60, according to a report in The Sun.
  • For the therapy part, Lousado’s sessions can range from talk work, non-intimate body work to intimate body work, according to his website.  Lousado has sex with some of the clients, but it’s “purely therapeutic,” he told the Independent last year.
  • For men’s sex and intimacy issues, he works with them through “talk work, education and non-intimate bodywork,” according to his website.
  • According to The Sun, he charges £100 per session and up to £300.  He can also be booked up a month in advance.

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