Bank Of America Executive To Rick Perry: “We’ll Help You Out”



Bank of America Director of Public Policy James Mahoney (centre)

UPDATE 2: Mahoney is not registered as a lobbyist, and a BofA spokesman tells POLITICO’s Ben Smith he works on policy.Spokesman Lawrence Di Rita to Ben Smith:

“Bank of America does not endorse Presidential candidates. The reference was about following up on the substance of the speech about job creation and economic growth. Discussing policy issues that affect our company and our customers is something we do with policymakers of both parties routinely at the local, state, and Federal levels.”

UPDATE: ZeroHedge identifies the Bank of America official offering his his company’s support to Texas Governor Rick Perry’s campaign as James Mahoney the Director of Public Policy for the bank.

Mahoney is a member of the board of directors of The New England Council, one of the events sponsors.

It’s worth noting again that Perry threatened Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, and said any attempt by the Fed to print more money would be “almost…treasonous.”

We’ve emailed Mahoney and contacted BofA spokespeople for comment.

ORIGINAL: After all the speculation that Rick Perry’s threats against Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke would hurt his relationship with Wall Street, at least one banker is pledging his company’s support.

WGIR New Hampshire Radio’s Paul Westcott captures this clip of an unknown individual telling the Texas governor at a “Politics & Eggs” event in New Hampshire: “I’m from Bank of America and we’ll help you out.”

The event was sponsored by The New England Council, the region’s lobbying association in Washington, and the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, though it is entirely unclear what this man’s position is within the company.

Mitt Romney has so far been the favourite of Wall Street donors among the GOP candidates this cycle, but a move toward Rick Perry would certainly be significant.

Watch the clip below (via WGIR):