Banker Is Sick Of Being Hated: "I'm Like, F^#& You, I'm Proud Of What I Do"

Bankers feel like Obama hates them.

We’re reminded of that every day when we watch Squawk Box, and Joe Kernan speaks to them, ranting about how much Obama hates fat cats.

They can’t understand how ANYONE could possibly think that the government has been too nice to big business.

But what’s behind all this?

The New York Observer’s Max Abelson tries to figure it out.

This stood out:

“We’ve been ostracized,” another source said. “I went to jury duty about a year ago, and when I said I’m in investment banking, the people in the jury room were making ugh sounds, and I’m like, f$%k you. I’m proud of what I do. And I think this firm did a lot to get the recovery going. Somewhere ranked below a pimp and well operator is not right.”

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