If You’re Married To A Banker, There’s A 72% Chance He Or She Cheated On You


Here Is The City conducted a survey on extra-marital affairs in the banking world, and the results are kind of disheartening.

Out of 1,879 respondents…

72% said they’ve had at least one affair.

Of those that have had an affair, 87% of the dalliances involved a work colleague, with 82% of male respondents admitting they’ve had an affair with a more junior co-worker.

The sex-with-the-secretary cliche isn’t typical as you might think: 26% of the male bankers surveyed had done the deed with the PA.

Reasons for the affairs included: it’s cheaper than getting a divorce; their wife now reminds them of their mum; because they can.

A male banker “is four times more likely to have an affair than a female banker,” Here is the City discovered.


The average ‘affair’ for a male banker last 21 days, which incorporates just 4 meetings. The physical side of the relationship usually peters out after meeting 3.

The average ‘affair’ for a female banker lasts 136 days, which incorporates 31 meetings. The physical side of the relationship usually peters out after about meeting 25.

34% of male bankers said they felt guilty about cheating; among women, that number surged to 71%.

On the plus side, a huge chunk of the men surveyed said they tried harder in their marriages after the their secret liaisons had ceased.

And guess how much male bankers spend on average, on each rendezvous…

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