BANKER GIRL: Here's What Everyone Has Wrong About Dating On Wall Street

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Over the last few days we’ve been monitoring a debate on Wall Street Oasis about dating in the industry. If you haven’t seen this stuff, we’ll warn you right now, it’s getting heated.First a female banker (Bankerella) weighed in, ranking men from different parts of the industry ultimately saying that traders are the best dates on the Street. After that, a male banker (King Kong) talked about why dating the typical female banker is basically a chore.

Today, we get a totally different perspective from our friends at WhenInFinance. They had their “Resident Skirt” weigh in on why the Wall Street Oasis bloggers are both completely wrong.

Here’s why (from WIF):

Bankerella isn’t real..Here are the giant mistakes in her post, that every #WIF newbie and veteran knows and noticed almost immediately, that made it obvious Bankerella is either fake or delusional:

First of all, any #WIF can tell you that our kind dating each other is a rarity, nearly impossible, and not a smart idea. Wasted efforts. Aside from schedules that make one wonder if the other person is even still real, #WIF guys seems to love the most bizarre far-from-finance kind of girls. “What does your girlfriend do? Oh, she’s a trapeze instructor? A professional Easter Bunny? That’s…interesting.” Why is this? Probably for the fear that finance girls’ vaginas are full of teeth and spreadsheets. Spreadsheets with teeth.

Obviously, no man wants spreadsheets and teeth. But it isn’t just the guys who are turned off:

…didn’t we (women) all quit the dating-a-banker scene after spending an after-hours summer in the bullpen around a bunch of sweaty dudes who smell like feet and Cheetos? I thought that fascination was reserved for first-year secretaries? (Even after 6 months the secretaries think everyone needs to get over themselves.)…What does every real banker boy and girl need? A therapist.

Get it? Wall Streeters dating other Wall Streeters is incest, and gross.

Anyone else care to take this on?

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