CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Banker Stealing $83 From A Church’s Collection Bin


You know how churchs send around a collection tray or bin every Sunday?

Well Reverend Charles Foss of The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour noticed that their collections were missing some money. Not all of it, just some. 

He let it go for about year (he is a man of forgiveness, after all) and then finally, he reported the theft to the police.

The police caught a man on hidden camera taking money out of the church’s safe ($83 to be exact), and it turns out, he’s a banker.

The man’s name is Robert M. Yoffie and the crime report describes his despicable petty theft in delightful detail. The local Herald news out of Rock Hill, South Carolina has the story:

Suspicions arose after [the Reverend] noticed the bags had been tampered with, according to a police report.

A hidden camera was placed in the room that houses the church’s safe.

At about 10:15 p.m. May 15, the report states, video from the camera showed a man open the safe, open deposit bags, take out money, put it in his pockets and leave the room. The money in the bags had been previously counted and contained $83 less after the man took money out, the report states.

Of course the first question is, why rob God’s work of just $83? 

Well, Yoffie has a track record of brushes with the law.

According to the Herald News:

In 2002, Yoffie pleaded guilty in federal court to one count of willful misapplication of bank funds from Rock Hill Bank & Trust. [He resigned from Rock Hill Bank in 2001, days before a lawsuit was filed against him for willful misdirection of funds. Yoffie was sentenced to one year and one day in prison.]

In 2001, a lawsuit claimed the bank and Yoffie had misdirected $9.5 million in a high-yield investment account. After the lawsuit was filed, federal investigators began looking into the bank’s operations, and criminal charges stemmed from that probe. The lawsuit was settled in July 2001. The bank received $7.6 million from insurers, but not before posting a $4.2 million loss.

(Another question is, how did he know the combination to the safe? That one we don’t have an answer to. But if we were to guess, we’d say that Reverend Charles Foss probably had too much faith. And a third – where can we watch the video?)

Yoffie is charged with petty larceny. He turned himself in to police on May 18th.