A Queens Banker Got Caught Laundering Money Because It Reeked Of Weed


A Queens woman was caught trying to launder $20,000 through the bank she worked for, JPMorgan Chase, because the money reeked of marijuana.

She almost got away with it too, until her supervisor smelled something funny and was like, hey! This didn’t come from Bank of America!

That’s not far from what actually happened. 

The story is:

Apparently, commercial banker Natanzia St. Rose geniously found and exploited a loophole at JPMorgan Chase that allows a bank nearby to exchange some of its $20 bills for $100 bills without any paperwork.

Rose told her employer that a nearby Bank of America wanted to exchange $20,000 in $20 bills for $100 bills.

They bought it, no paperwork was filed, and she almost got away with it.

But then her employer smelled something funny coming from their new stash of $20 bills – and it was the ganj! 

Via the Gothamist

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