Bank Of Moscow President Is Looking For Political Asylum In London

One more ‘political victim’ has found himself looking for political asylum in London, following other Russian businessmen claiming to be wrongfully convicted by state authorities. Bank of Moscow president Andrei Borodin is unlikely to follow the scenario he draw himself — to get back to Russia “as soon as he will recover his health condition”. The proposition was made by another Russian disgraced oligarch Boris Berezovsky in the conversation with The Daily Mail reporter.

Berezovsky can be right, as pure statistical numbers would show that Andrei Borodin can face something else rather than a warm welcome upon his return, if and when it would occur. 

In Russia Andrei Borodin is facing a large fraud investigation and takeover attempt over his banking business by VTB. Borodin is negotiating with VTB to sell his stake in Bank of Moscow based on a valuation of $6 billion for the entire lender, he said Tuesday, RIA-Novosti reported. That’s roughly the same valuation that VTB gave Bank of Moscow by buying half of the lender from City Hall for 103 billion rubles earlier this year in the country’s biggest banking acquisition.

As to the fraud investigation, it is concentrated on a 13 billion rubles lending deal to one of Elena Baturina (wife of ex. Moscow mayor, Yuri Luzhkov) companies — “Premier Estate”.