Bank Of America Has Really Fancy Confusing Elevators That Employees Don't Know How To Operate

bank of america elevators

Bank of America’s (BAC) elevators have buttons on the outside instead of the inside.

Apparently it’s really confusing.

Visitors will stand there and wonder, “What am I supposed to do here?”

But the real problem is not the visitors, it’s the BofA employees who look ridiculous when they’re not at the office.

“One time, my friend and I got into a different elevator and we just stood there waiting,” says an insider.

So everyone around them thinks they’re some spoiled brat that’s never had to push their own elevator buttons.

Of course young B of A analysts don’t ever sleep, or leave often enough to remember that life (and other elevators) exists outside of their building. And when they do sleep, it’s in Bank of America closets on beds made of bubble wrap, so fair enough.

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